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Visit our special pearls section to learn all about French Polynesia's most famous little treasures: the enchanting BLACK PEARLS of TAHITI...

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Black Pearl Necklaces

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Jetboat rides in the Moorea Lagoon!

Many people come to Tahiti Polynesia "to get away from it all" and to relax.

Although Moorea is indeed a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful vacation, not everyone wants to merely lounge around taking in the sun and sights at such a casual pace...

Some people want adventure!

Explore the interior of the island by 4x4, head out for some world class marlin fishing, go parasailing, take and extreme boat ride, or become mesmerized by a shark feeding experience you will never forget...

There's lots of different adventures to experience. This page is your ADVENTURES guide to Moorea!

TST makes choosing your favorite island activity easy!If you want MORE choices, simply check out our other "To Do" pages: WATERSPORTS, ISLAND FUN, RELAXATION, RECREATION & GAMES, or SHOPPING, EATING & SERVICES.

Wan't more? Be sure and explore our "WHAT TO SEE" section for even more sightseeing and exploring ideas, touring, island attractions, and other interesting things to see and do!

Lets go 4 Wheelin' on Moorea!4x4 Safaris

Taking a 4 wheel drive safari on Moorea island is a popular activity. There are a few companies that combine cultural and historical touring while a the same time showing you the backroad system of Moorea.

Typical tours include visiting maraes, driving to the view of the twin valleys from the Belvedere, and of course traveling the backroads of the island.

Here's the listings of 4x4 companies:

PO. Box 339- 98 728 Maharepa- MOOREA
Telephone- (689) 56.20.09/ 78.74.86, Fax- (689) 56.34.43
Two- 8 seat Land Rovers, Minimum 2, maximum 16 passengers.
4x4 excursions on Moorea island.

PO. Box 1276- 98 729 Papetoai- MOOREA
Tel. (689) 56.48.87/ 78.65.40
Two- 8 and 6 seat Land Rovers, Minimum 2, maximum 16 people.
4x4 excursions on Moorea island.

PO. Box 215 - 98 728 Pao Pao- MOOREA
Telephone- (689) 56.14.11/ 78.85.29
One 8 seater Land Rover. Minimum 4, maximum 8 passengers.
4x4 excursions on Moorea island.

MOOREA Transport
PO. Box 104- 98 728 Maharepa- MOOREA
Telephone- (689) 56.12.86, Fax- (689) 56.25.52
4 - 8 seat Land Rovers, Minimum 2, maximum 36 passengers.
4x4 excursions on Moorea island.

ParasailingMoorea Parasailing

One sport people hear about but rarely get a chance to do is Parasailing. It's super fun to do and quite a thrill. All ages can do it. The experience takes about 10 minutes and you'll get up to 600 feet above the water! You dont even have to know how to waterski.

All you do is clip into the harness, and step onto the extra wide deck of the specialized towboat where you'll be takeing off once the boat reaches a certain speed. You dont even get your feet wet. As the boat heads into the wind, the parachute cups over and you just start to fly, fly, fly...

When you're soaring, you'll have the most amazing view of the lagoon, but you may be too amazed at your flying abilities to really enjoy it!

This is surely an adventure in Tahiti- Polynesia that you'll be sure to take home in your memories...

Based out of the Moorea Beachcomber Resort
PO. Box 111- 98 729 Haapiti- MOOREA,Telephone- (689) 55.19.19, ext. 1938, or 78.16.44, Fax- (689) 56.20.44
One person and tandem parasailing: visit the twin bays and inside the Moorea lagoon. Coral reef trips on request. 10 minute flying time, no experience required.


... details on these activities coming soon.


... details on these activities coming soon.


... details on these activities coming soon.

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Moorea is the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.

Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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